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FAQs LIVE: What are the events in SAFe? (0826)
There are many events and meetings at all levels of the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®).

If you have questions or would like a better understanding of the events in SAFe, our consultants break them down to each level (team, programme, solution and portfolio) describing what are they, who should attend, and what the purpose of the meeting is.

After each level, our consultants will provide you with the opportunity to ask any questions to provide clarity and clear up any doubts.
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Duncan Evans
Head of Training @Agility in Mind
Duncan is an experienced Professional Scrum Trainer (PST), as well as a SAFe 5 Program Consultant (SPC). He draws on many years of practical experience in digital product delivery as a scrum master and consultant. He has a proven track record for delivering high quality products, using these skills to help others build better products as a consultant, coach and trainer. Duncan has successfully achieved PSM-I, PSM-II, PSM-III, PSPO-I, PSPO-II, PSPO-III and PST Professional Scrum certificates and is well qualified in making sure that delegates have a thorough understanding of the Professional Scrum Master course material in order to achieve success themselves.